Hyper-Efficient Fitness Device

key advantages

  • Instant setup on any door
  • Ability to upgrade as you get stronger
  • Mobile application




April 2020



Most popular Perk

360 Ultimate

Included items:

1x monkii 360 36 Day Commitment Program 21 Day Habit Program monkii App

$199 $269

​Want a hot, sexy bod?

Say hi to Monkii! A new exercise buddy that you can use in the comfort of your own house, far from any gym douchebags.

Save money! No traveling to the gym! No need for a trainer! Just get Monkii and you’ll need nothing more to get shredded.

But how does this thing even work?

Attach Monkii to any door and wall and your base is set up.

There are multiple weights and contraptions that may all be kind of confusing.

But fear not! Download the Monkii app which will act as your own personal trainer and explain how to do each exercise that’s available.

Use it wherever you want, outdoors, at work or at home and show everyone your ball.

So if you want to become the muscular beast you wish to be but want to have your Hulk transformation occur wherever you choose, then you need this little genius.

Check out this link and you can see all the cool features Monkii has for yourself.

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