Wireless Stereo Earbuds For Nonstop Playtime

key advantages

  • Nonstop playtime
  • Clear stereo calls
  • Splash proof
  • Low latency




December 2019


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MIVO Premium

Included items:

MIVO Earphones Sportband Wireless Charging Case Type-C Charging Cable

Wireless earbuds had one big drawback—until now!

When you take both earbuds out from the charging case, they will automatically connect to the previously paired device and deliver amazing stereo sound in both ears.

Yet now… when you take only one earbud out from the charging case, it can be paired to your device for… mono sound. Bass can’t be beat when heard through crystal-clear, wireless earbuds.

MIVO is waterproof, delivers HD stereo and high-def audio with built-in noise-canceling and wind noise suppression technology.

Comes with intuitive touch control sensors and a lithium-ion battery charging case with an extra 19 hours of standby—always ready to set the mood!


Why settle for anything less? Enter the Wireless Future with MIVO.

Enjoy your music without those bad basses, half the music, low battery alerts and pesky wires getting in the way!

What more could you ask for in a set of intelligent, truly wireless earbuds?

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