Modular Super-Puzzle With Magnetic Bits

key advantages

  • Endless possibilities
  • Works on any surface
  • Excellent brain exercise




September 2020



Most popular Perk

Obsession Pack

Included items:

68× Connectors, 56× Tracks, 38× Tricks, 20× Marbles 2 MakeWay Lifts With 8 Spirals

$199 $389

Did you ever play Mousetrap as a kid? The 3D game made puzzles fun for kids everywhere!

And then we grew up… 

But that childish engineer within us never died. 

And he’s finally been rewarded with Makeway!

The rules are simple:

  1. Buy it for your kids.
  2. Send them to their grandparents’.
  3. Once you’re Home Alone, release your inner Kevin!

Build the track, and watch gravity pull the ball along it. 

Bounce. Jump. Swing. Down stairs. Up lifts… 

The modular game has hundreds of different parts so you can build the course of your dreams—destroy it, and start again.

Just make sure you don’t lose your marbles!

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