MR Smart Glasses

key advantages

  • Normal looking, & stylish
  • Light and foldable: 75g
  • 3D viewing experience
  • Enough battery for 5 hours use




December 2019


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$385 $520

Connect these smart glasses to your android, iOS phone or game console… and presto, the future of viewing is here.

Just keep your head straight and these mixed reality glasses will display what’s on the screen. Simply plug it into your device and away you go.

A tech-savvy product that eliminates the need for laptops, tablets and other devices.

Watch movies, play games or take calls and almost magically a massive screen will “appear” in front of you.

Wear it on a plane, when you’re out and about, and you will be fully immersed into a cinematic experience.

The experience is also HD and 3D so you’ll be getting quasi- virtual reality viewing on the comfort of your couch.

Vizio’s latest 120-inch TV costs $130,000! With Mad Gaze Glow Plus, you get a 118-inch TV experience for just $399! Yup, that’s essentially the same size TV for 0.3% of the price!

Oh, and on top of that, you can carry it around. Unlike Vizio’s 175 kg weight, Mad Gaze weighs just 75 grams.

Is it the same? Or even comparable? Probably not. But this is tech of the future, and it’s tech I want.

The MAD Gaze Joystick is also available for purchase for those who want to take advantage of this for the ultimate gaming experience.

So if you’re bored of normal viewing, be one of the first to make your viewings something of the next generation.

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