Cat-Friendly Water Fountain

key advantages

  • Non-electric and noiseless
  • Fills up automatically
  • Enough water for every day




October 2020



Most popular Perk

Early Cat x1

Included items:

1x KittySpring Fountain
1x Non-Slip Pad

$35   $58

Limited time offer

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While we mainly focus on the human access of tech — sometimes our pets enjoy it too!

Cats are picky about water. I had one that would only drink running water out of the sink. Another would tip over the bowl of water a few hours after pouring, after it got stale. 

I’ve tried all kinds of electric fountains. They break. They’re noisy. They’re a hazard…

KittySpring just uses gravity to provide a 2-day supply of fresh water to your kitty cat.

And it’s now going viral all across social media. 

They’re running this massive 30-day giveaway campaign for pet parents… check it out and win your own!

Limited time offer

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