Keychron K8

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

key advantages

  • Connects up to 3 devices
  • Dedicated Siri or Cortana Key
  • Battery capacity 4000mAh
  • Hot-swappable




July 2020


Cool Tech

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Included items:

1x K8 RGB Aluminum Keyboard | Hot-swappable 1 x Windows & Mac Keycaps 1 x Type-C Cable


Limited time offer

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Over 4 campaigns, they have raised nearly $2.5 million, with the support of nearly 25,000 happy backers.

Wait, no. 5 campaigns. And over 30,000 keyboards.

If I made a mistake, it’s only because we’ve been here before. We covered Keychron K6 in January, and it ended up being supported by 4,999 backers!

Now they’re back with their 5th campaign, Keychron K8. And like our first sentence above, not much has changed! 

Same great design. Compact. Wireless. 

This is their first tenkeyless—no number pad—perfect for every non-accountant!

And it even connects to 3 devices at the same time—so you can switch between work on your Mac to answering your Android’s SMS, and over to your Windows PC just to show off!

For those of you already enamoured with the world of mechanical keyboards, you’ll even be able to switch in any Gateron switch!

And for those of you who aren’t yet—once you go “clack” you’ll never go back!

Limited time offer

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