Jelly 2

Small Android 10 4G Smartphone

key advantages

  • Credit card size
  • 8MP+16MP camera
  • IR support




December 2020


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Kickstarter Special-Jelly 2

Included items:

1x Jelly 2

$159    $199

Limited time offer

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In the 90s, phone makers raced to make the smallest phone — culminating in the unusable Nokia 7280. 

But with the first iPhone, they all concentrated on making them impossible to fit in pockets.

Now Jelly 2 is showing the world that while size matters — it’s how you use it that counts.

Jelly 2 solves the problems tiny phones have — namely unusable keyboards, bad battery life and failed apps — and packs in a ton of useful extra features that would even blow a regular phone out of the water!

16MP camera. 6GB RAM. 128GB SSD. 2,000 mAh battery. And full Android 10. 

All in a 3-inch screen you can use with 1 hand!

After raising over $4M on previous phones, Unihertz is back again with another winner!

Limited time offer

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