JBL Reflect

Self-Charging Headphones

key advantages

  • Charges itself by turning natural and artificial light into energy
  • 1 hours outside per day provides with 84 hours of playtime
  • Technology to stay in touch with the surroundings




October 2020


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Included items:

1 x JBL Reflect

$99 $165

Limited time offer

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I’m still amazed by everything wireless… sitting in the park, charging my phone wirelessly with a power bank that stores energy for cable-free power, capturing mobile internet wirelessly and transmitting it to my laptop from where I’m working, unplugged!

But at the end of the day, everything needs to be charged. 

And for that you need wires. 

Or something with a wire—hey, even the latest AirPods that charge wirelessly, still need to be placed on a wireless charger that is receiving power through a cable!

JBL has taken the wireless concept to its natural conclusion. 

These audio masterminds have entered crowdfunding for the first time, with an amazing product.

Headphones that will never need cables! 

Not to your phone to transmit music, nor to your socket for charging!

How? Magic…

Limited time offer

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