key advantages

  • Foldable & portable design
  • Built-in flash
  • Operates as a classic camera




May 2021


Cool Tech

Most popular Perk

Super Early Bird-Package

Included items:

1x InstantKon SD70
Neutral Density 2, 4, 8 filter
2x Fujifilm Instax Square Film – Color

Limited time offer

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The Polaroid Renaissance 

You call yourself a photographer? Do you have to InstantKon? 

You call yourself a scrapbooker? Do you have to InstantKon?

You call yourself a retro baby? Do you have to InstantKon?

If the answer is no, you better revise that. Why live a basic life? Don’t do that. Smartphone camera, DSLR, or your retro polaroid? Try mixing it up and throw it into one camera!

Bring back the vibe of 1973 with a truly analogue camera. Get the authenticity of a film camera, with the convenience of a polaroid. 

Full manual control, and instant photos. That’s a vibe. 

Why wait for your memories? We don’t have time for that.


Limited time offer

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