An Automatic 10 Second Water Floss

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  • Fast and 360˚ Flossing
  • 2x Deeper cleaning
  • Pain free


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1x Instafloss

$119 $179

Flossing might be one of those things we’re meant to do every day. But do you? 

I forget. I don’t have time. I just can’t be bothered some days.

32 teeth is a lot of teeth! And at 10 seconds per tooth… that’s over 5 minutes!

Like Daft Punk says, “Floss harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.”

Instafloss is the fancy little spa shower in your mouth. It sprays a powerful stream 360 degrees around every single tooth. All in one swift motion. 

6 minutes? Forget about it! This is done in 10 seconds!

And it’s 200% more effective than flossing by hand.It says it works for 98% of people. Who’s the 2% in this scenario? These guys?

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