Infinity Cable

ONE Cable For All Your Devices

key advantages

  • 51K resistor which keeps it cool
  • 2m long
  • LED light




March 2020


Phone & Accessories

Most popular Perk


Included items:

3x Infinity Cables Carry Case (3)

$75 $195

The ultimate charging cable: InfinityCable. As a great philosopher and marvelor of human history once said, “To Infinity (Cable) and beyond.”

Infinity Cable is compatible with all your laptops, tablets, plugs, etc. It’s a do-all cable which is dying to be in your life.

The coolest thing about Infinity Cable is the magnet that makes inserting the cable as easy as abc.

Ever walked past and got caught on a cable only to have your life come crashing down and a hot cup of coffee flood your precious area?

Well with Infinity Cable you can make sure that those crummy days are over as the magnet makes insertion and detachment extra easy and will mean you won’t have any accidents that will leave you saying, “Doh!”

Ever woken up at night and checked your phone only to end up struggling for 5 minutes, trying to get the cable to go back in the plug? I think I spent 10 minutes last time, and I couldn’t even sleep afterwards. With Infinity Cable, even in the darkness, attaching the cable will be easy as.

It’s also hella strong. Ever pulled your cable out of your bag with your phone attached only to have your phone fall and crack? Well, InfinityCable is super strong so you could dangle your phone off a cliff and it still wouldn’t fall.

Also, if you need some cable that would go well on your keychain and would still be as powerful as 100W is, go check InCharge X after you have checked the Infinity Cable.

Check out this link and see it for yourself with all its super cool features.

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