Cordless AI Security Camera

key advantages

  • Cordless
  • AI scanning & recognition
  • Night mode
  • No monthly fee




December 2019



Most popular Perk

Basic Set

Included items:

Free Cloud Storage

$99 $139

Home Security Systems don’t always ease your mind.

Dragged out installation—cost and headache—, monthly bills, and an alert system where usually your provider calls you when calling the authorities may be a better use of time.

IMILAB EC2 is a cordless AI security camera that gives you back control over your home’s security.

So why’s this Tech I Want?

First off, quality. It runs at 1080P so the picture is crisp, facial recognition is easy, and seeing ongoings is guaranteed.

This is coupled with a 120° ultra-wide lens, to leave no blind spots.

Burglars are nocturnal creatures, a perfect time to get past cameras. But with its night vision, IMILAB sees all.

Weather-resistant, water-proof, adjustable by 360° and cable-free, just drill or stick it in place and connect to a small gateway box which can support up to 4 cameras.

There are also some fun features. Connect it to your phone and get voice interaction, so you can talk through the camera to the pizza delivery man!

Its AI is smart! Forget about false alarms as IMILAB will know if whatever it sees is a trespasser or just a furry visitor—you won’t get alerts due to cats or foxes..

All this for only 168USD, and you get two cameras, not one. Get the security you need, for life, for the same cost as a security system’s monthly fee.

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