Multi-Function Flashlight

key advantages

  • 3 LED color
  • Super tiny and light (35 mm)
  • Screwdriver, box opener, lid popper




December 2020


EDC Gear

Most popular Perk

One Titanium HUNT

Included items:

1x Titanium Flashlight
Choose your favorite LED color in the survey time

$52    $34

Limited time offer

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Good Things Come In Small Sizes… And Titanium

This little metal suppository defies all appearances and proves that good things come in small sizes!

Just over the size of a coin, HUNT3.0 is an EDC dream.

With 3 cool LED lights to choose from — UV, Red & Bright White — it will light up all your adventures in the great outdoors… or when the lights go out.

But it’s its backside that packs a punch. 

With a carefully-crafted sharp edge, it can pry open pesky lids, open cans of tuna, screw, cut, scratch, split and prod. 

Nothing some scissors, a screwdriver, a can opener, a box cutter, your fingernail, a glove and some ingenuity couldn’t do… but are they made out of shiny titanium?

Limited time offer

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