key advantages

  • 2k Ultra HD camera
  • Two-way audio
  • 130° field of view




March 2021


Cool TechHousehold

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HeimVision | Crazy Early bird

Included items: 

1x Assure B1 Hub
1x Camera”

Limited time offer

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Tired of the options streaming services are offering? Watched every show 100 times? Switch it up! Have you tried having a family movie night with your home security system? If not, it’s time…

Sit back, relax and catch the show straight from your phone. Coming in with a 2K HD camera that has a 130 degree view angle, you’ll be catching the best that burglars or your children have to offer. Trust us, this is better than CSI.

Ever wanted to interact with the actors as the show went on? With 2-way audio, now you can! Have a convo with your neighbourly burglar, amazon currier, or whoever wanders onto your property. And with a full color display, you can chat, both in the day or at night!

The best part? With a water-resistant construction, 3 charging methods, and 4 wireless cameras to go along per station, you won’t need to worry about the show getting cancelled.

“Alexa, turn on camera 1” Lights, Camera, Action…


Limited time offer

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