Battery-Free Camera Stabilization

key advantages

  • Compatible with GoPro and Smartphones
  • Mechanical stabilization
  • Speed control
  • 360˚ Rotation


estimated delivery

Best choice

1x GravGrip™

Included items:

1x GravGrip™ 1x Cell Phone Adapter 1x Action Camera Adapter

$29 $50

Have you ever thought how they get those smooth running movie shots?

It’s one of the most important film components that sets Hollywood apart from your home videos… 

Well, that. And the script. And the actors. And the lighting. And the sound… 

You might not be able to get the rest, but you can now get the same smooth stabilization, completely power-free and without any bulky equipment.

GravGrip is a tiny battery free hydraulic camera stabilizer that weighs less than 4oz!

Adjust the speed at which it stabilizes with a quick turn, and achieve affordable professional footage on your smartphone or action cam.Or you can have as much fun as the guy in their gifs is having, waving his hand from left to right like the chickens from Mercedes’s commercial.

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