Epson Home Cinema 2250 3LCD

Epson Home Cinema 2250 3LCD is the perfect choice for streaming TV shows, movies and  more for high quality picture lovers.

This dynamic projector features Image Enhancement and Frame Interpolation- meaning you’ll get to enjoy a crisp image whether your watching something from the past or going into the future with 4K content!

Buy new at $999,99 

The first time you turn on the Epson Home Cinema 2250, it will take you through the same setup routine covered to make sure it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network and get Android TV set up.

When setting up your projector, you can also download some starter apps from Google Play Store like YouTube and Netflix. There are links for downloading more apps and game too!

If you want to change the source you can do it at any point during setup. Simply hit “Input” button on remote and choose HDMI. Then use projector with an HDMI source. 

Epson Home Cinema 2250 3LCD Full HD Amazon home theater projector
Built-in streaming
Loud at full brightness
Accurate colors
Only one HDMI port
Easy installation
No HDR or 4K input
Ultra bright picture
Unusable bluetooth connection for sound
Dynamic contrast ratio
3LCD engine prevents the rainbow artifacts

Buy new at $999,99

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