MEATER Grillmaster Bundle

Smart Meat Thermometer with a wireless range
Dimensions 5.1"length and 0.24"diameter
Charger Dimensions 6.2"L x 1.5"W x 1.1"H
Maximum internal temperature 212°F (meat)
Maximum ambient temperature 527°F (cooker)
Color Silver, Black
Outer Material Fiber
Power Source Battery Powered
Wireless range Up to 50cm
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Reason to Buy
✔ Easy to use
✔ Accurate
✔ No wires
✔ Guided Cook System
✔ Includes heat-resistant gloves
Reason to avoid
Batteries need frequent replacement
Short connectivity distance

Wanna have fun with your friends when having a grill party? Sure! 

Check out this new masterpiece MEATER Grillmaster Bundle: a smart wireless thermometer that keeps track of your meat and lets you chill with your mates. Can anything be better?

With its 2 sensors and 1 probe MEATER Grillmaster Bundle monitors the internal meat temperature. Its advanced estimator algorithm helps you with the cook and rest time for meat. Not only it estimates timing, but it guides you through the cooking process so you cook as a Michelin-star chef. 

Connect via Bluetooth and use the application to make the most of your meat. MEATER Grillmaster Bundle is a true savior and will enhance your cooking experience, ensuring good quality meat at the end. 

This is surely one of the gadgets you need, and the MEATER Grillmaster Bundle is also a very nice gift for your friends and relatives. Get this masterpiece and make your life easier and happier.

Yes, you will have no problem with washing your wireless thermometer. You can either wash it manually or put it in the dishwasher.
The thermometer charges from the Sleek bamboo charging dock. Just put the thermometer into the charger and make sure your charging dock has batteries plugged in.