Lockly Secure Pro

Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock
Item Dimensions ‎7.8 x 2.9 x 7.2 inches
Item Weight ‎6.6 Pounds
Material Zinc
Color Satin Nickel
Number of Pieces 3
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Reason to Buy
✔ Easy to install
✔ Lock feature
✔ Fingertip reader
✔ Great value for money
Reason to avoid
6 to 8-digit codes only
The door doesn’t close when the lock is off

Tired of returning to check if you closed the door? Relax! We brought you a solution. Lockly Secure Pro: the smart door lock that will save you time and energy and ensure the privacy of your space. 

Great news! Here your hands will serve you as a key. Its  3D Biometric Fingerprint Reader ensures quick access within less than 3 seconds. It can store up to 99 fingertips, so your friends can come without knocking on the door. 

With its light installation process, you’ll make this smart lock a part of your life in just ten minutes. With the purchase of Lockly Secure Pro, you will also get Wi-Fi Hub, Sensor, Batteries, Drilling Template, Installation Instructions, Mounting Hardware, and 2 Physical keys. With this set, everything is secured, and you can control your space’s security and easily breathe remotely.

Voice and smartphone control and the opportunity to connect via Alexa. Everything is made to transform your life into an easy-flowing and less stressful one. Get your  Lockly Secure Pro smart door lock and make these changes.

Yes, Lockly Secure Pro has the feature of generating one-time passcodes for delivery packages. These passcodes become invalid after one use.
No problem! If you are away from home and need to get in a person, just use the Lockly application to unlock the door.