iRobot Roomba 692

The best budget-priced robot vacuum?
Clean Smarter This 600 series is a fantastic way to begin cleaning your home in a much more innovative manner. Simply schedule it with the app or voice assistant, and it will clean up your daily dirt, dust, and debris.
App Intigration The iRobot Home App is an essential component of your home's overall cleanliness. With features that work around your life, this app will make sure you're always spotless.
Automatic Recharges This thing can go for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging.
Adaptive Navigation A full suite of advanced sensors allows Roomba to navigate under and around furniture, as well as along edges. Also, the Cliff Detect technology keeps it from falling downstairs.
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Reason to Buy
✔ Low pricing
✔ Saves you time from doing household work
✔ Efficient cleaning
✔ The well-functional dual brush system for carpets
Reason to avoid
The app might not always correctly report the status of the Roomba
You might need to buy some replacement parts such as side brushes and filters
Could be a bit noisy

The Wi-Fi-connected Roomba 692 robot vacuum has been designed to be easy and convenient for anyone, with its patented 3 stage cleaning system that can handle small particles all the way up to large debris. The specially designed edge sweeping brush gets rid of dirt concentrated in hard-to-reach places while Dirt Detect Technology helps you clean more efficiently by recognizing when it needs extra attention; this is perfect if your house is full of pets or children who might track dirty stuff everywhere! Now compatible on devices powered by Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google Assistant.


The Roomba 692 has been released in May 2017.
The Roomba 692 is compatible with the iRobot Home App. However, the Roomba can be used without Wifi as well.
Yes, it can work at night as well.
The Roomba 692 cannot digitally map a floor plan.