Large Bean Bag Bed for Humans
Product Dimensions ‎72 x 48 x 10 inches
Material Removable Faux Fur
Filler Hexagonal Memory Foam
Bottom Non-slip PVC Dot Fabric
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Reason to Buy
✔ Ergonomic Design
✔ Easy Operation
✔ Available in Different Colors
Reason to avoid
A bit pricey
After deformation won’t be that comfortable

Have you ever looked at a dog’s bed and thought it would be very fluffy and comfortable to lay on and would provide peaceful sleep or enjoyable time while reading, listening to music, chatting with your friends, or watching TV? Yeah, great thoughts, except that…The dog’s beds aren’t that big, so you can’t fit yourself. Or are they? 

Homeguava large bean bags are human-sized beds, which design is created inspired by dog beds. If you have a dog at home, after getting  Beanbag, he won’t jump into your personal bed anymore because now both of you have a luxurious place to lay on. Homeguava creates a cozy atmosphere and becomes your favorite spot at home, so if you don’t have any pets, just try to spend some quality time with yourself enjoying it. 

Wanna set up it without experts’ help? Couldn’t be easier! Just remove the vacuum packing bag, wait before it expands, and before starting to use it shake it until it gets as fluffy as you want.

Its ultra-soft warm fur, available 3 colors, pet-friendly design, and rim filled with high-quality memory foam are extra advantages.

Yes, the blanket is also included.