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Govee Envisual TV LED Backlights

with Camera
Dimensions 6.1 x 6.1 x 0.59 inches
Weight ‎1.32 Pounds
Light Source Type LED
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Light Color Multicolor
Material Plastic
Controller Type Voice Control
Number of Light Sources 150
Voltage 12 Volts
Wattage 24 watts
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Reason to Buy
✔ Easy set-up
✔ Controlled via app
✔ Flexible camera
✔ High-quality materials
✔ Deep pictures
Reason to avoid
No automatic on/off
Difficult setting set-up in the app

Transform your entertainment setup into a vibrant experience with the Envisual TV LED backlights by Govee. This brilliant home item is designed to add a colorful touch to your entertainment area, making every movie night or gaming session even more captivating.

Installation is a breeze, and using the Govee backlights is just as simple. Inside the package, you will get everything you need for a seamless setup, including an adapter, a control box, and a cutting-edge 1080p camera that automatically captures the onscreen colors and applies them to the Govee TV backlights, ensuring relaxed and chill conditions for your eyes.

And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger! Effortlessly control the colors of the backlights with simple voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant or use the intuitive Govee Home app.

Say goodbye to dull and monotonous entertainment setups and say hello to the enchanting world of Envisual TV LED backlights. Boost your entertainment experience to new heights. Let Govee enhance your moments and make your entertainment area even more beautiful.

Easy. "Music Mode" seamlessly syncs the LED lights with the audio from movies or music, immersing you in a mesmerizing audio-visual spectacle. Get ready to be spellbound by this extraordinary feature that elevates your entertainment experience to pure magic.
Please note that this specific model is specially crafted to perfectly suit TVs ranging from 55 to 65 inches in size. So, before indulging in the mesmerizing visual symphony, it offers, take a moment to ensure it complements your TV's dimensions flawlessly.