Cubiio 2

Laser Cutter & Metal Engraver

key advantages

  • Autofocus
  • Naked-eye safe
  • Passsword Lock




November 2020


EDC Gear

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CUBIIO Best Value

Included items:

1x Cubiio 2

1x Laser Cartridge LC50 and LC35

1x Lux Material Pack

1x Basic Material Pack and Accessory Pack 

$1330 $1950

Limited time offer

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We’ve all seen the typical stretch goal in crowdfunding, “Get Your Backer # Engraved On Your Reward.”

But what if you could engrave it yourself?

Cubiio 2 can laser engrave almost anything — concrete, stone, glass, aluminum, steel… no diamonds though.

And it can even laser cut woods and fabrics that are 5mm thick!

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, who want to add a truly unique flair to the items they create. 

Or for marking your belongings, like when you were a kid. So there are no arguments over pens, cables, phones or laptops when you go back to the office.

Limited time offer

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