STEM Education Platform & Portable Laptop

key advantages

  • 70+ courses to learn coding
  • Usable as a laptop
  • Customized designed bin for power bank




August 2020


Cool Tech

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Super Early Bird Starter Kit

Included items:

1x CrowPi2 1x Raspberry Pi 4B 4G 1x 32G TF card with customized design

$259  $369

Limited time offer

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Raspberry Pis are awesome.

From automated personal media centers to smart homes. I’ve even made a working phone with one… but never a laptop!

But CrowPi2 is so much more than a DIY laptop.

Use it as a laptop. Learn to code with its 70+ lessons. Create your own electronics Play games. Or tinker with any of the 100s of other possible uses.

Limited time offer

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