Magnetic Leather Organizer

key advantages

  • Flexible
  • Beautiful
  • Universal




March 2020



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Limited* mini

Included items:

3× Large Clio
3× Clios
2× Bases

$65 $89

The Universal Magnetic Leather Organizer is an ingenious solution to make your workstation tidy and organized.

Three Clio assistants come in a beautifully designed and functional box.

It’s a simple product, in line with the minimalist aesthetic quality, fine touch and practicality of this product.

There are the Clio and Large Clio leather clasps. Made of natural “Crazy Horse” leather and suede, they’re simple loops of fabric with a slit and magnets at either end.

These two clasps could be used for anything, but as per their page, the intention is to keep small wires and cables organized. Wrap them into a small convenient bundle and close the magnets so you can have your wiring madness finally organized!

Then there’s the Clio Base. An etched bar of stainless steel with suction tape on the back that easily attaches to everything and provides a magnetic surface for the Clio Clips.

In a design world that’s all about packaging, this is no exception thanks to the beautiful wooden Clio Box. But that’s not all! Once you’ve got your Clio station set up, unfold it and the empty box is reborn as a desk organizer.

For $177, backers get 9x Clios, 9x Large Clios and x6 Bases, as well as adjustable partitioners and 4 magnets for stationary. Is a clean desk worth $177?

Maybe, maybe not… but if, like us, after 5 years of saying, “One day, I’ll clean up my desk…” it still looks like a bomb exploded—then it probably is!

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