Slim Air Mouse & Presentation Tool

key advantages

  • Compatible with SmartTV, laptops and tablets
  • Slim Design
  • Super Portablility




September 2020


Cool Tech

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Early Bird – 1 Set

Included items:

1x CheerPod

$49 $99

Limited time offer

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It might look like a Zippo.

But the only heat you’ll be creating with CheerPod is the excitement in the office as you control your devices as if by magic.

This portable clicker and trackpad has all the features your laptop’s has, without the laptop attached to it!

Click. Zoom. Drag. Swipe. Scroll. Spin. All with simple hand gestures.

Use it with your desktop, Android phone, iPad, call the lift, order pizza, change the weather or speed through the boring moments in life… wait, no. That was that movie, Click. 

You might not be able to rewind your life with it. 

But still, it’s a powerful reimagining of the mouse.

Limited time offer

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