Carbon SnoreX

Anti-Snore Cooling Pillow

key advantages

  • Carbon bamboo
  • Anti-snore tech
  • Dual arm rest




May 2020



Most popular Perk

KS Special 1x

Included items:

1x Pillow 1x Pillow Cover

$70 $99

You know what the real driving force behind Star Wars was? What turned Anakin into Darth Vader?

It was when Padme left him… because he snored so loudly. And he just incorporated it into his speech to remind himself.

Obi Wan and the whole planet of Aldeeran would still be around if Anakin had just got himself a Carbon SnoreX anti snore pillow!

Perfectly contoured to your neck and head, with special arm rests—it’s essentially active noise cancellation for snoring. But it’s wireless, and doesn’t require charging, the perfect anti snore companion you have been looking for!

With its combination of carbon bamboo and copper germ-defense cover, it’s a nightmare for bacteria, germs and mites.

And its bounce-tek memory foam with its air vortex mesh ensures a cool pillow throughout the night and prolonged consistent comfort.

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