Smart Interruption-Free Work Sign

key advantages

  • Wireless control
  • Customizable through BusyBox app
  • Both Standard & Digital modes available


estimated delivery

Best choice

Digital Super Early Bird

Included items:

1x BusyBox Digital 2x Cover 1000mAh battery 2x Command Strips

$300  $139

It’s hard to explain to your kids or partner that even though you’re home, you still need to work.

“I have a call… I need to finish this report… go do your homework…”

Might as well be speaking to myself.

What if there was an easy, fun, graphical, and kid-friendly way to get the message across?

With BusyBox, it’s clear. And it doesn’t stop at the obvious — Red = Don’t Disturb. 

You can program your own messages easily with the app, change colors, and give any activity you do some extra flair.

You can even add in emojis — the polite way to say, “F**k off!”

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