All Natural Air Purifier

key advantages

  • Plastic free
  • Natural Materials
  • Low filter cost per year
  • Smart app




February 2021



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Included items:

1x Briiv Air Purifier 1x Quad Core Filter One Year Filter Subscription

$312 $375

Limited time offer

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Have you ever wondered what’s under the skin of Apple’s devices? Are the interiors as beautiful and polished as the exteriors? 

Do they look like Briiv?

No. This enlarged and transparent ‘HomePod’ is far more worthy of the Apple speaker’s lofty name.

Zip the forest into a bottle with this space-based oxygen garden that purifies the air better than 3,000 houseplants!

Briiv pumps air through 4 natural filters. Dried moss and coconut capture particulates in their weblike strands. Activated carbon deodorizes the air. And NASA’s wool-based air filters remove even the smallest pollutants and bacteria.

It has smart home features, and multiple mobile-controlled modes. Yet it sits on the perfect balance of minimalism and lo-tech marvel.

And regardless of the logic or reasoning behind it, this genie in a bottle just looks cool—the forested snow globe of the future.

Limited time offer

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