Versatile Solar Power Station

key advantages

  • Charges up to 17 devices simultaneously
  • Long-lasting battery capacity
  • Flexible recharging mechanisms including eco-friendly solar recharge




September 2020


HouseholdTravel & Outdoors

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AC200 – 33% off

Included items:

1x AC200 Portable Power Station 1x AC Adapter Charger 1x MC4 Solar Cable

$1199   $1799


Limited time offer

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Many of us are now working ‘remotely’. But if anything, we’re more trapped at home.

What if you could work from a hilltop, or an undisturbed bend in a winding river?

All you need is power.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Bluetti’s massive 1,700Wh capacity can run your fridge for a day, or charge your laptop 30 times!

With all its ports and plugs, you can run 17 devices at the same time. From your table saw, to your phone — even your electric car!

Bring your music camping, take your power tools outside, and prepare your eco-friendly backup power plan.

Limited time offer

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