Blinking Super-Bright Reflector

key advantages

  • Double-sided
  • No batteries required
  • More powerful than a static reflector




June 2020


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1 X BrüMachen 1.0

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When commuting to and from work using a bicycle, one of the biggest dangers is disappearing into the night.

Stay visible to other motorists.

Cyclists normally attach a small light to the seat, and hopefully remember to turn it on before riding—and more importantly off, when arriving. If not, the battery quickly runs down.

What happens when the battery dies mid-journey? Would you notice

Blincclip is the simplest solution to this age-old problem.

This high-performance reflector has no moving pieces, no batteries, no electronics.

It’s a card—86x62mm and just 1mm thick—made of 3M Diamond Grade reflector material typically seen on highway signs and airplane runways.

At 3.5 grams, you can slip it into your wallet, taking it out when you get to your bike.

The triangular reflector is designed to clip in easily to the two rails under the bicycle seat, hang from a saddlebag, tied to a backpack or anywhere else.

As you ride, it flaps in the wind. And as it moves, it catches the headlights of the approaching vehicles and essentially blinks.

The faster you go, the faster it blinks. Come to a stop, and it reflects a steady beam of light.

Stay visible and stay safe with Blincclip.

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