BlackBeast Pro

A Desktop Powerhouse for Laptop

key advantages

  • Fully customizable
  • Dual performance
  • Low temperature and quiet operation






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Included items:

BlackBeast Pro 0.7M Thunderbolt 3 cable Power cord

$399 $500

Limited time offer

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Laptops nowadays are going the way that mobile phones did in the 90s. 

Getting smaller and thinner. And lighter.

Many of them still pack a punch, with high performance graphics cards and the latest processors. 

But they still can’t compete with a custom built desktop computer.

BlackBeast is like having a desktop for your laptop. 

The easily configurable docking station has space for graphics cards and storage, which you can access and change to your specifications.

Just plug your laptop into it and experience the full power of desktop computing from your slim device.

It works on Windows and Mac, has a ton of ports—including the future USB 4.0!

Turn your laptop into a desktop.

Limited time offer

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