Ear Cleaning

key advantages

  • Camera for safe cleaning
  • 11 types of ear spoons
  • 60 day per one charge




June 2020


EDC Gear

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Bebird Super Early bird

Included items:

Bebird Ear Cleaner FREE gift set

$135 $198

The seasoned chefs among you know there is a knife, fork and spoon for nearly every kind of dish… 

But did you know there are 11 types of spoon specifically for your ear?

Thanks to Bebird!

Because using Q-tips can create permanent damage. They push muck deeper inside. And they’re thin enough and unwieldy enough to poke the delicate workings of the inner ear.

With Bebird’s microscopic camera, you can clearly see what you’re gracefully scooping—and that’s as oddly satisfying and exceptionally gross as it sounds!

Pushing the bounds of environmentally conscious “No Straws”, the movement has now expanded to include “No Q-tips” and Bebird is on the forefront. You could even follow Shrek’s example and start building candles out of your scooped wax!

Just don’t forget what you used these spoons for…

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