Compact and Simple Laser Cutter

key advantages

  • Powerful cutting
  • High resolution engraving
  • Engrave on a wide range of materials
  • Advanced software: Beamo Studio




March 2020


EDC Gear

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Ultra Early Bird

Included items:

FLUX beamo Accessory Kit

$ 849 $1499

In need of some cutting-edge technology? Well this Laser Cutter takes the meaning of cutting-edge quite literally.

Super compact—measuring 17” by 24”—it offers super-high resolution cutting. 1,000 DPI resolution is a rare thing to find on the market!

It can literally cut on any material: wood, leather, rubber, glass, fabric, and acrylic, there is literally nothing this gadget can’t deface. It can even cut into steel and stone.

Just watch out you don’t cut off your fingers!

With its own Beam Studio software at your disposal, all your options are clearly laid out and you can easily manage and create new design plans ready there, and then just cut away.

A tech-savvy and cool product that’s perfect for artists and craftsmen that needed a trusty sidekick.

I suppose if you are not an artist or into crafting then you might not have much use for this—although you could try to trim your nails, I wouldn’t recommend it! But then again maybe this would be better as a priceless gift for some nifty-handed person you have in your life!

So consider it, the team who made Beamo have reached the Top 50 Most-Funded Projects on Indiegogo before, so they’re not playing around with this entry.

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