Azio Fokal

Keyboard with Customizable Control Knob

key advantages

  • Multi-functional control knob
  • 7 layers of customization
  • LED backlight with 8 colors
  • Ability to connect up to 4 devices




April 2020



Most popular Perk

Special Fokal

Included items:

Fokal Keyboard

$184 $230

Limited time offer

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If you’re like me, you notice the little things.

Remember when you could open laptops up and easily change the hard drive? 

Or how keyboards used to be satisfying to use?

But no! Some hopshot designer decided I should be writing on a rubberized flat panel with no responsiveness whatsoever…

Azio’s keyboard harks back to the powerful keyboards of old. Big. Defined. Mechanical Keys.

But unlike most mechanical keyboards on the market—the Fokal is completely wireless!

Its distinctive body of aluminum and leather holds 84 loud mechanical customizable keys, and can control up to 4 devices independently!

And that circular thing? It’s a joystick, a control knob, arrows, buttons, all in one! 

I think I could launch a spaceship with this thing!

Limited time offer

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