Arsenal 2.0

AI Camera Assistant

key advantages

  • Powered by AI and computational photography
  • Adjusting photos with "Deep Color"without any filter
  • Automatically removing people from shots with "Crowd Control"




June 2021


EDC Gear

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Arsenal 2.0 Pro – Early Bird

Included items:

1x Arsenal 2 Pro


Limited time offer

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Leaving Peter McKinnon Without a Job

After shipping 100,000 Arsenals to photographers worldwide, these creators are back to putting Instagram filters to shame.

Because let’s just say, if Da Vinci had Arsenal 2.0… he’d put his brush down.

So, forget buying the latest Canon and tons of lenses — this one tiny device is all you need to attach to any DSLR’s hot shoe.

Connect your phone, and turn your amateur pics into Peter McKinnon masterpieces.

Acting as your camera’s brain, the AI analyzes 22 environmental factors to produce the most unique and stunning panoramas, portraits, landscapes, extreme long exposures, timelapses — and it even clears pesky people out of those crowded cityscapes.

So stop worrying about exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and start snagging the best photos you’ve ever seen. 

Expect 10,000 new Instagram followers — for free.


Limited time offer

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