Pocket-Sized Flying Selfie Stick

key advantages

  • The small size
  • Lightweight
  • Gesture Control
  • Facial Recognition
  • 30m Flight Range


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Included items:

8GB Micro SD Card
Micro USB Cable

$89  $99

Drones are getting bigger, faster, stronger. They’re able to carry bigger payloads, and have a longer range.

But what does the regular Joe—aka me—need a $9,000 drone for?

For less than $100, I can now get a simple but selfie-ready autonomous drone!

All we need to do is get ready, strike a pose, let the drone loose… and it hovers into position, getting us all into the frame, leveling and making sure it looks good, before snapping a couple of pics!

It’s no Mavic Pro, but it can fly circles around you at 30 metres, and record Full HD video. 

Smack it into walls? No worries, besides being cheap, it’s also really well protected. And even then, it weighs less than a chicken egg!

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