key advantages

  • One touch level control
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • High speed wireless charging




July 2021


Cool TechHousehold

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Super Early Bird

included items:

1x control module 

1x sit/stand desk

1x tabletop and 24V DC Charger

1x 1.5 meter 100W USB Type-C to Type-C Cable

1x Cable Management Tray


Limited time offer

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The Smart-Table that works for you

Sometimes, eating that hotdog standing up is the way to go. Maybe sitting down to record your next vlog is what you need. But do you really need two different tables to do this comfortably? What do your friends think?

Well, the creator of the Smart Sit/Stand Desk had a lot of peer advice to make sure he created the perfect automatically adjustable desk that changes its height to your needs. With wireless high-speed charging, a cable organizer, and incorporated application control, the desk with the most minimal brand marketing you’ll ever see (or not…) really doesn’t need much more advertising. 

What do you think? Again… asking for a friend. 


Limited time offer

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