ciga design mechanical watch

CIGA Design J Series Hollow Design Mechanical Watch

The Zen Garden On Your Wrist

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Dual-Hollow Design

The cyclical nature of time and is one of Zen’s most beautiful and elusive concepts. And now the veil has been lifted. See beyond time, and every part of its mechanics with CIGA Design J Series’ hollow design. Own the craftsmanship and admire it at a deeper level. See. Hear. And feel the time pass on your wrist.

ciga design mechanical watch
ciga design mechanical watch

More Precise Than Seconds

Each dial is split into 120 fine lines, just 1/100th of an inch wide. Radially emanating from the mechanical movement, it defies the conventional look of watches, giving it an intricate, precise, and complex design.

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Unique Zen Garden Silicone Strap

The meditative lines of a Japanese Rock Garden, or karesansui, symbolize the journey through time on the river of life. For centuries, they have captured the modest and ethereal meaning of Zen. Now, you can wear that calm with you everywhere, with CIGA’s FDA- approved silicone strap. Comfortable. Sweatproof. Elastic. And kind to the skin.

Meditative Zen-Inspired Dial

Representing the complex inner workings at the core

Representing a deeper understanding of things

Representing the actual form of things

ciga design mechanical watch

Watch Time Float By

The red hour hand hovers above the skeleton movement. This unique patented watch innovation represents the eternal “I”. Constantly in the present, standing between the past and the future. Pursuing a deeper essence and understanding within ourselves.

ciga design mechanical watch
ciga design mechanical watch

The Puzzle Of Time

Breaking the mold of traditional time, CIGA Design J Series’ unique equal-length double hands span the entire dial, highly recognizable at a glance. The play between the minutes and seconds at different times creates unusual visual effects, further heightening the ephemeral essence of time.

Custom Japanese Movement

Your CIGA Design J Series is equipped with a custom Japanese Citizen Movement. Never topping, never dull — it moves at a frequency of 21,600 times/hour. 21 diamonds improve the energy storage to 42 hours.

ciga design mechanical watch

Inspiration From The Source Of Zen

Diving deep to the core of Zen practices,
CIGA Design J Series’ minimalist form
takes its inspiration from the meticulous
and mindful practice of karesansui, or
Japanese Rock Gardens.


These gardens, dating back over 1,000 years,
imitate the essence of nature. They serve as an
aid to meditation for Japanese monks, as they examine the true meaning of existence.


The dry landscapes formed by rocks — the
mountains — and gravel — the waves of the
sea — have a calming effect and allow us to
focus in a noisy world.

ciga design mechanical watch


ciga design mechanical watch


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ciga design mechanical watch

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