Reclaim Your Online Privacy

key advantages

  • Blocks Facebook spying
  • Prevents from price manipulations
  • Prevents third-party data collection
  • Quick setup




January 2020


Cool TechHousehold

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1x Winston + LS

Included items:

Winston hardware box, Ethernet cable x2, Power adapter

$399 $942

In the digital age, an unsettling phenomenon has started quietly affecting us all, most of the time without us even knowing. 

We’ve all heard of social media platforms, corporations and other tech giants quietly harvesting data on countless users. 

Data breaches too have meant that unknown individuals have managed to garner all sorts of private information, which means our email addresses, names, and much more have been exposed to the online world.

Winston seems like it’s poised to fix this 21st century problem. 

By scrambling and encrypting your home network, outside sources cannot understand what you’re doing and gain access to your data. 

You won’t have to worry about router leaks, smart TV monitoring, corporate surveillance, or even about the daunting feeling that someone is watching you through your webcam. 

There might be a lot of other solutions out there—from proxies to VPNs—but Winston outshines them all with its ease-of-use. Just plug it in and connect it to your wifi, and every device in your house will have full protection and greater speed.

By reducing the amount of data you use, removing ads and pop-ups, it gives the added bonus of speeding all your devices up. That’s two birds with one stone! Faster connection. Privacy guaranteed.

The only thing that could hold it back is the need for everyone to join in. It needs other nearby Winston users to scramble your data. 

So join the Winston mesh now and make their decentralized network a reality!

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