The Lightest Electric Folding Bike

key advantages

  • Light weight
  • Easy folding
  • Range up to 52km


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The One Bike

$1199 $1999


They say you can’t fold paper more than 7 times… should I wait while you try?

Let me know how it goes, because I’m too busy watching this e-bike fold more than paper!

Packing a nearly 40-mile range in under 28 pounds, the ONE is claimed to be the lightest foldable e-bike. Perfect for urban travel.

Get to where you’re going. Hop off. Fold it down faster than Marie Condo folds a blanket!

And as the perfect bike thief defense is no bike, just pick it up and take it with you… Home. Work. On dates…  

It’s so small, it fits anywhere. So remember where you left it. Or you’ll be turning your house upside down looking for it!

Now, we have foldable computers. Foldable phones. Foldable e-scooters. Foldable bikes… what’s next? Foldable TVs? Foldable cars?!

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