Grow without soil

key advantages

  • No need for soil
  • Reusable
  • Grip surface for plants
  • Constant access to water




October 2020



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1X TERRAPLANTER – Early Bird Price

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1xTERRAPLANTER – Base, Body and Lid

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You need soil to grow plants, right?


Terraplanter busts this myth as it turns plant-growing inside out—the only thing you’ll find inside is water!

This permeates through the mesmerizing patterns etched into the red rock, and feeds your plants as they grow wild on the OUTSIDE of the clay pot. 

While we’re used to seeing plants grow upwards, this is the first time we’re invited in to discover what their roots do. Watch, hypnotized, as they grow down, branch out, and wrap around your Terraplanter in a natural web of gnarly magnificence.

Without even getting your hands dirty!

My mom always told me beauty is on the inside. I guess I’ll have to get her a Terraplanter and prove her wrong!

Join a backer community larger than Norway’s and Portugal’s armies in showing Matt Damon that growing plants on the red rock is easier than he made out in The Martian.

Limited time offer

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