Meet Telomere

The only kitchenware that makes sure you cook like a pro.

Unique Patented Air-Layer Technology

No more burnt meals, unevenly cooked vegetables, half-raw meat, and mushy rice.
Air Layer

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What is Unique About Telomere?

The air-layer technology

Telomere is different from your traditional cookware that leaves your meal half-cooked due to uneven heating. Featuring patented air-layer technology, this unique pot evenly distributes heat across its whole surface, ensuring your meal is always fully cooked and healthy.
Make Nutrient Rich Meals

Make Nutrient-Rich Meals

Nutritious food improves your health and boosts your energy. But cooking your vegetables and meat in the wrong pot can overheat the ingredients and destroy the nutrients. With its air-layer design and tightly-fitting lid, Telomere makes sure all the nutrients within your vegetables, seafood or meat are well-preserved during cooking.
No Continuous Stirring

No More Stirring

Telomere revolutionizes Grandma’s jam recipe, which says to stir frequently. With evenly distributed temperature at the bottom, your favorite jams, soups and fries will turn into a homogeneous substance without a single stirring. Simply add the ingredients. Telomere will do the rest.

Defrosting Made Faster

Need to have dinner ready in an hour, but that chicken is still in the freezer? No worries! Coming with two layers and superior coating, Telomere effectively conducts heat and allows your meat and vegetables to defrost and be ready for cooking faster than ever.
Non-Sticking Surface

Non-Sticking Surface

Your culinary masterpiece often sticks to your pot and cannot be washed? Not with Telomere’s non-stick inner layer coating of rustproof hard-anodized aluminum! Go enjoy your favorite TV show, while your perfect pancakes, soups, meat, vegetables, rice, or eggs are safely cooked.

The Only Cookware You Need

Save your kitchen space, efforts and money with Telomere.

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