SwitchBot Curtain

Make Your Curtains Smart

key advantages

  • Charging via solar panel
  • Easy installation
  • App and voice control
  • 8 months per charge




April 2020



Most popular Perk

Early Bird

Included items

SwitchBot Curtain (4), Hub Mini, Add Ons (4), 8x pair of Hooks

$359 $511

Everyone’s wanted to be a part of the Jetsons, or go Back to the Future… But I don’t see flying cars appearing anytime soon.

Switchbot Curtain is a simple, cute device that you simply attach to your curtains and control from your phone.

Compatible with any curtain, any size, just connect to your phone and choose between having your curtains opened, closed or just half-open.

It may be a product for the supremely lazy, but there are some neat tricks you could pull off with Switchbot.

For example, you can control your curtains from anywhere, so have them open and close at different intervals to make it seem that someone’s home. This way you can keep all those pesky thieves away.

And there’s more, regulate the temperature in your house or even use it as an alarm clock, blissfully letting the sunshine wake you up rather than your ear-screeching alarm clock.

I could see people buying it but still opening and closing their curtains by hand, and I hope that won’t be a problem for the Switchbot Curtain.

But, for those who want to make their house as tech-savvy as possible this is definitely a must-have.

Just being in control of your house even when you’re not at home is a great plus for keeping your peace-of-mind.

So check it out, and welcome in the future together with the sunlight!

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