Fast Charge Power Bank With USB-C Hub

key advantages

  • PD Fast Charging technology
  • Interchangeable Plugs
  • Smart power detection
  • 8-layer protection systems




February 2020


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IGG Special

Included items:

GOSPACE SuperCharger 2.0
SuperCharger 2.0 Case

$85 $159

Newsflash, it’s 2019. And we are all using these cellular gizmos all the time.

Some people think we have lost the art of conversation, but you know what’s worse? Not having phone battery! Those cat videos won’t watch themselves.

Check out SuperCharger, which speed charges your phone, 3 times faster than a normal power port! 3 times as fast, think how many cat videos that is!

This all-in-one device has more aces up its sleeve.

Interchangeable plugs, USB file transfer, and smart power detection to protect your devices.

So instead of having a power bank, different plugs, and a USB stick, just get a SuperCharger and you don’t need any of that other trash.

It’s the perfect travel companion. Its size, changeable plugs, and 10,000amH of power storage means you can take it anywhere, like I don’t know… Siberia? Lapland? The Sahara Desert?

It really will keep your phone going for ages and will charge it fast so that when you’re being chased by Jack Nicholson in a massive empty building, you’ll definitely be able to call for help! And if not… they do refunds 🙂

Click the button and check out SuperCharger for yourself and see why this is the most empowering and powerful power bank in all the power market.

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