The Bag Your Dog Wishes You Had

Designed with dog owners in mind SixWalker has every pouch ready to reach for with one hand.

Sixwlaker in action

Walk Your Dog in Style

Have you seen a dog walking bag look this good?

The 24-34” adjustable strap lets you comfortably rock the crossbody sling bag, keeping your dog’s essentials handy.

Detachable pockets

The Personal Pouch

Holding all essential needs: glasses, power bank, earphones, snacks, you name it. Ready at any moment, whether that’s on the SixWalker, or detached on the go.

The Quickie Clip

The Quickie Clip is your dog’s own detachable pocket,
with a poop bag dispenser and a small compartment for treats.

L x W x H | 3″ x 1½” x 5 1⁄2”

Scared of things that go bump in the night?

SixWalker comes equipped with a clip-on flashlight so you can see other dogs and people, and so cars can see you on your late night walks.

Short walks

When you are going out for a potty walk for your dog to do their duty, SixWalker has you ready with a waste bag dispenser and you can even attach the quickie clip to your belt.

Going out anytime

Heading to the local dog-friendly cafe or to hang out with friends? No need to struggle to connect your pup’s leash to a table or chair; keep them closely connected to you with the quick-connect leash hook.


Every good boy and girl deserves a treat when they are well behaved or protecting you from a squirrel on the other side of the park.

SixWalker offers a perfect organization system to keep plenty of treats and toys when going to a training class. Easy washable compartments will ensure easy cleaning afterwards. Your essentials will be safely organized too.

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