Multi-Lens System for iPhone 11

key advantages

  • CPL system to eliminate reflections
  • Up to 20x macro lenses
  • Up to 5 lenses in 1 case




February 2020


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Deluxe Bundle

Included items:

ShiftCam Multi Lens Case
Full Set Deluxe Kit

$349 $650

Phone cameras are now shooting pictures with as many megapixels as professional DSLRs. But everyone knows, a picture’s quality is not just about the pixels.

ShiftCam is a brand new smartphone addition that allows you to shift and change the lens with a touch of your finger.

Your photos will look professional, artsy and enticing to look at, and have a varied flair and depth that is lacking from the monotone standard 30mm lens that every phone camera has.

This small device fixes to the top of your phone and gives you 5 lens options to take the sickest pics. The options are pretty cool:

First, the Fisheye option for an orb-like effect. More of a fun-centric lens which will be a blast with friends or at parties.

Second, the 4x Telephoto lens will bring the faraway, closer, without sacrificing one iota of quality—unlike the digital zoom built into the phone.

Third, the Circular Polarizer lens will create that retro effect that brings in bounds of saturation.

Finally, there are the 10x Macro and 20x Macro lenses which will magnify the microscopic. Perfect for taking pictures of a fly’s wings or a hair you just plucked out of your lover.

The main downside is that ShiftCam is only available for the iPhone 11 Series.

Professional Cameras cost a ton, but this is going for less than $350! And you don’t only get ShiftCam, but a Deluxe Carrying case and an extra 110 Wide Angle Lens.

Also, if you are looking for high-quality photos and smart shooting experience, you can check out Arsenal 2.0, which is the smartest AI camera assistant you would have seen so far!

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