A Beautiful Indoor Garden

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  • Space efficient
  • Conserves water
  • 100% fresh and home-grown greens


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Forget farm-to-table… This is table-to-table—your table-to-table!

Now, you can unleash your inner Gordon Ramsey with your own home-grown greens.

With Rotofarm, this mesmerizing indoor garden, you get your own personal 5 sqft vegetable patch in a small 2 sqft futuristic package.

Based on research from NASA that found plants grow better in zero gravity, the Rotofarm rotates once every hour, so all your lettuce benefits from gravity pulling down on it.

You can grow all your fresh produce organically—or not, it’s up to you—with very little water, no soil, and just 5 minutes of work a week!

You know what I’ll be growing in this?

“Weed?” No! Toilet paper!

I’m going straight to the source for this apocalypse, no trips to Walmart for me!

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