RocketBook Orbit

Wireless notebook from the future

key advantages

  • Reusable sheets
  • Cloud-connected tree saver
  • Multiple layouts




October 2020


Cool Tech

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Included items:

Rocketbook Orbit Page Pack (lined / dot-grid combo) Pilot FriXion Pen Microfiber Towel  

It’s rare to see this much experience in a campaigner, and this week we have not one, but two!

With nearly 5 years of experience delivering products to millions of customers through crowdfunding and Amazon—Rocketbook is back with another revolutionary idea.

A notebook!

No, not a computer… an actual. Old-school. Pen-and-paper. Notebook… 

… with a twist of future outer-space technology.

“Great,” I hear you saying, “I already have like 20 notebooks lying around…”

Sure, but can you reuse yours over and over again?

Rocketbook are out on a mission to rid the world of single-use notebooks, one Rocketbook Orbit at a time.

Their space-age technology allows the ink to adhere and not smudge. 

And once you’re done with that page, just sprinkle some water on it, grab a cloth, and erase away!

Over and over and over again. 

No more messy desks with tons of screwed up papers full of wasted ideas!

With the Rocketbook app, you can capture your enhanced notes to always come back to them in the digital world.

So stop wasting paper—get on the Rocket(book) and fly into the future.

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