Motorcycle Helmet Dashcam with HUD

key advantages

  • Record everything that happens in front and behind of your motorbike
  • Check your blind spots using the HUD
  • Stay connected with other riders with the group-calling feature




December 2020


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Reven Dashcam with Helmet Mount Kit

$699 $999

Riding a motorbike at 200 km/h is exhilarating. It’s also incredibly dangerous.

You have to constantly be aware of 7 dimensions. What’s ahead of you, behind you, to your left, your right, above you, below you… and yourself! 

Luckily for riders everywhere, ex-Samsung engineers and bike enthusiasts have developed Revan in partnership with a Hyundai and Kia accelerator.

Add it to any helmet, and you’ll see what’s going on behind you and in your blindspots through an integrated futuristic HUD, alongside GPS-enabled stats. 

Its 2 cameras also record Full HD for over 12 hours, and it has cool features through the smartphone app, including leader-based group calls, music and maps. 

CAUTION: Side effects may include wanting to wear this everywhere. Especially now that we’re working from home—it’s the perfect noise-cancellation group call—and I’ll be able to see what my kid’s up to behind me!

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