Turn any Smartphone into a Laptop

key advantages

  • Supports all smartphones with iOS or Android systems
  • Touchscreen
  • Relatively affordable




December 2019


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Your phone is a modern PA, but writing that 200-page report on that little keypad can be a real pain. We rely on our phones all the time but certain tasks are just not made for little screens.

Phonebook is the savior of those who don’t have small hands.

Phonebook has a screen and keypad and looks just like a sleek laptop but will display the contents of your phone in an ultra-convenient and clear way.

While the average laptop costs about $600, you can get Phonebook for a measly $149. So get most of the perks of a laptop for a quarter of the price.

And with the boom in Google Chromebooks and other Android-esque laptops, this comes just in time. The latest phones have more than enough power to run all the typical programs you work with.

Phonebook is compatible with all smartphones, old or new, worry not about your phone not being a match.

Since you’ll probably upgrade your phone before your laptop, with Phonebook you’re essentially upgrading your laptop’s CPU with every new phone you get!

It may not fit in your pocket—like your phone—but it will fit anywhere you were putting your laptop anyway.

The 15.6” screen is fully touch compatible, so you could forget that you’re not using your phone as you switch between them.

And with 8h of battery life, you have enough juice to work all day without bringing your charger with you—and even charge your phone as you work!

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